Magnetron Sputtering System

The AJA ATC 2000V sputtering system deposits conductive thin films via three planar magnetron guns. The sputtering guns can be titled to maintain control on the thickness of the film deposited at different sample heights. The sputter guns are enclosed in a chimney configuration minimizing cross-contamination between sources. This system has a 1000W DC power supply and a 600W RF power supply, both can be simultaneously used to co-deposition. This system has a load-lock for fast substrate transfer, and the main chamber maintains base pressure of 5 x 10-8 Torr. This system can be configured for reactive sputtering with O2 or N2 to deposit oxides or nitrides. The system can accommodate 8-inch wafers and the substrate can be heated to 700oC. The process parameters in this system are computer-controlled for reproducible thin film thickness and properties.

Sputter targets available : Ti, Cr, Au, Ag, Al, C, Mo, Pt, Si, Ta, ITO, TiO2.

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