Mizzou Engineers develop new method to design semiconductors

Mizzou Engineers have come up with a novel new technique to design semiconductors, the chips that make your phones, laptops and other devices not only smart, but also compact.

Research at Mizzou could help reduce cost to build particle accelerators

If Mizzou Engineers are successful, that price tag of particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider could drop drastically.

How to build an ‘explainable AI’ framework to speed the innovation process

By Eric Stann | MU News Bureau While Matt Maschmann (left) focuses on the integration of AI and machine learning into materials processing, Derek T. Anderson is working alongside him to help make AI more intelligent by determining how to better integrate human knowledge into the artificial world. More than a century has passed since…

Rogers: MU Materials Science & Engineering Institute will be catalyst for innovation

The new MU Materials Science & Engineering Institute will be a catalyst for innovative research and discoveries that could lead to technologies to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, Dr. John A. Rogers said.

Mizzou celebrates opening of MU Materials Science & Engineering Institute

From left: Tom Spencer, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development; Giovanna Guidoboni, Associate Dean for Research, Engineering; College of Arts & Science Dean Cooper Drury; Associate Professor Matt Maschmann; Professor Tommy Sewell; Tim Glass, Associate Dean for Research, Arts & Science; Engineering Dean Noah Manring; and University of Missouri President Mun Choi. A new…