Keithley 4200 SCS Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer and Janis ST-500 Cryogenic Probe Station

Keithley 4200-SCS is a modular, fully integrated parameter analyzer that performs electrical characterization of materials, semiconductor devices and processes. From basic I-V and C-V measurement sweeps to advanced ultra-fast pulsed I-V, waveform capture, and transient I-V measurements, the 4200-SCS provides the researcher or engineer with critical parameters needed for design, development or production. For C-V measurement, an HP 4284A precision LCR meter is used. The wide 20 Hz to 1 MHz test frequency range allows the HP 4284A to test components to the most commonly-used test standards.

These tools are connected with a Janis ST-500 cryogenic probe station. The sample chamber has four micro manipulated probe stations(configured with 3 SMUs, source-measure units), one of the ports is dedicated for optical fiber. The temperature of the sample chuck can be varied from 80 K to 475 K with liquid nitrogen and lakeshore 336 Automatic Temperature Controller.

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