Post-Doctoral Opportunities

The MU Material Science and Engineering Institute at the University of Missouri-Columbia (MUMSEI, or the Institute) is seeking applications for three Postdoctoral Fellow positions within the Institute. The Institute’s charter is to serve as the hub for Materials-based activities across campus, with a comprehensive vision that includes developing and maintaining an interdisciplinary graduate academic program, assisting teams pursuing large materials grants, management of the MSEI Materials Characterization and Fabrication shared-equipment facility, community outreach, and related activities. An Institute Postdoctoral Fellow is expected to contribute high quality research that is collaborative in nature, ideally across multiple disciplines. Fellows will also contribute to outreach activities, interdisciplinary proposal writing, and potentially shared teaching. One fellowship is reserved for a researcher who will make extensive use the MU Research Reactor (MURR) for materials research. The stipend will be competitive and based upon the experience and accomplishments of the applicant.

To apply for a MU MSEI Postdoctoral Fellow position, include the following information in your candidacy package:

  1. Cover letter: Max one page, 12 pt. font, 1” margins. Introduce yourself. Identify the MUMSEI faculty member, or ideally a small MSEI faculty sub-cohort, with whom you wish to carry out your fellowship research. Explain your interest in working with this faculty team and how you envision an Institute postdoctoral fellowship as advancing both your own career goals and the Institute mission. It is expected that candidates will have discussed the research they wish to conduct with the proposed faculty member(s) prior to submitting an application.
  2. Complete curriculum vitae.
  3. Research statement: Max two pages, 12 pt. font, 1” margins. Should outline your proposed research project, motivation, and projected outcomes. A list of literature references may follow the Research Statement text and does not count toward the two-page limit. Although the candidate is expected to discuss research plans with the proposed Institute faculty, the Research Statement must be written entirely by the candidate.
  4. Representative paper: A published article or manuscript draft authored by the applicant that is representative of your work and interests. If the paper involves student or postdoctoral co-authors other than yourself, discuss your contributions to the study.
  5. Two letters of recommendation: Typically, one from your current advisor and one from your proposed MUMSEI faculty mentor at MU.
    Complete applications and recommendation letters should be emailed to Jessica Harris ( A single pdf document is preferred. Arrange to have recommendation letters sent to Jessica Harris directly from the letter writer; letters provided by the applicant will not be considered.

    Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, with positions available immediately.