Bruker Innova AFM

An atomic force microscope (AFM) is used to evaluate the surface topology of materials. A suspended cantilever with a sharp tip is brought into close proximity, or contact, to a surface. The cantilever scans the sample surface, and deflections to the cantilever are amplified by a laser reflecting from the cantilever surface. The motion of the laser is converted to surface topology, with very high spatial resolution. The Bruker Innova AFM is available for routine analysis of samples and can probe the topography of a surface using standard tapping and contact modes. Tapping mode may be used to characterize differences in material composition. The Innova Atomic Force Microscope delivers accurate, high-resolution imaging and a wide range of functionality for advanced research in physical and material sciences. This AFM has the lowest noise and highest resolution in its class. The cost of AFM cantilevers is included in the use fee.

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